The Official Festival of the Forks Website

Open Saturday during Festival of the Forks from 11 AM til 5 PM, the Barnyard Bonanza brings the farm... straight to you!

​Listen to Foster the Donkey bray to Dotty the Cow: he's lonely, he's saying. Listen to Molly the Pig squeal and grunt in response. Yes, farm animals "talk" to each other. They also do other very funny and interesting things to occupy their time. Come watch, you may just have a laugh or two...

Albion College's Whitehouse Nature Center will also be in the area talking about the terrific things our local environment can bring you -- turtles, snakes, foxes, bugs, and other totally cool things! Check out the Nature Center's exhibit and enjoy feeling real fox fur, petting a garter snake, or looking at water beetles. They will all be there!


Plus! Take a pony ride (kids only) or a carriage ride (families) around Victory Park. It's ALL available in... the barnyard bonanza!

Barnyard Bonanza!

Hosted by the Calhoun County 4H and Edward Jones